About us

We had an idea that became a program


From our origins Zarpamo’s team have placed special emphasis on getting the best possible development for entrepreneurs. Rather than focusing on the local market, we focus on developing an international strategy.

This strategic line has led to the creation of the International Cooperation Programme which aims to create partnership with other international entrepreneurship programs.

 What is GaliciaInnovation?

GaliciaInnovation is one of the tools of the International Cooperation Programme, an annual event that will bring visibility and promote the exchange of ideas and mutual enrichment among entrepreneurs from different countries through workshops, presentations and networking sessions.

In its first edition the guest country is one of the world entrepreneurship and technological development leaders – Israel.

Together with our Israeli colleagues we will promote the exchange of knowledge models in terms of innovation and development, as well as among research groups, research institutes, universities, startups and Galician business networks.


During the first day we learn how one of the world leaders in Start-Ups creation works, with a globally recognized model of internationalization and innovation.

We organize a private dinner where attendees can establish lines of collaboration with the speakers.

On the second day the entrepreneurs will play the leading role. They will have the opportunity of present their project (previously selected) to the speakers and investors, and in turn, receive some a valuable feedback of the project.


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